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We specialize in abortion and wellness care and believe that every person has the right to control their own body and destiny. We are women-owned, embrace diversity, and have been serving patients throughout the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years.

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Conveniently located at the Federal Way Wellness Plaza: 34617 11th Place South, Suite 302, Federal Way, Washington. We are recognized leaders in women’s health care and encourage all people to make the best decisions for themselves and their futures. By appointment only.

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We are proud members of professional associations committed to providing high-quality abortion care.

This is the most comfortable clinic I have ever been to. The staff was so nice and non-judgmental environment. It was my first time ever there and I can honestly say I am so happy I had my services done with them. Very clean and attentive staff. If I could give a higher rating I would. Thank you All Women’s Health for an amazing, safe, non-judgmental and knowledgeable experience.

~ Ashley C.

I just left the clinic and i’ll just start by saying that was the best medical experience of any kind that i’ve ever experienced. the kindness just radiates from everyone there. They have an amazing way of making you feel so comfortable and cared for. I was so relieved to know I could be put to sleep for my procedure. The front desk woman is so kind and caring and constantly asked me if i was okay and how i was feeling. the anesthesia woman was so kind and made a real point of knowing my name and how to pronounce it and what i preferred to be called. There was even a woman with a keep abortion safe and legal shirt and she was amazing too and it was so great seeing that message in such a simple form. The doctors were great as well. and especially the woman who walked me out to my car and talked to me after i woke up. Thank you so much to everyone for making me comfortable and for actually caring.

~ May L.

It was my first time here and everyone was very nice and comforting and nonjudgmental. I initially expected the pills but was given a lot of information and ultimately decided on the D&C. I was comfortable, calm and awake for mine because I had eaten and couldn’t have typical anesthesia; all of this was explained ahead of time and I’m glad I chose that route. The doctor was comfortable and informative, warm and understanding. The ultrasound tech gave me a snack and juice while I recovered and they walked me to my ride. My insurance covered it, which I did not expect. I got a prescription for birth control. If ever in need again I would choose and recommend them. I am happy with my decision.

~ Kat K.

I have been here a couple times. These doctors are SO compassionate and nurturing. I had anxiety and they still took their time to calm me down instead of just trying to rush me in and out. Mona is literally the most comforting person. The doctor was extremely professional and supportive. I have a terrible fear of anesthesia, the anesthesiologist found a way to sedate me so I didn’t feel pain without having me an anxious mess. Mona and the anesthesiologist held my hands and helped me regulate my breathing. Overall this place deserves some type of award.

~ AuroraJayne T.

Teen Talk – Get the Facts

We are a teen-friendly health center with non-judgmental, attentive, and knowledgable staff available to provide free pregnancy testing, sexual education, sexually transmitted disease testing/treatment, birth control services, emergency contraception, and abortion services.

Know Your Rights

In Washington State, you have the legal right to decide to stay pregnant or to have an abortion, even if you are under age 18. You also have a legal right to keep your abortion choices confidential (private) from a parent, spouse, partner or anyone else. If you are in another state and want to receive care in Washington State, please contact us directly. The Repro Legal Helpline  (844) 868-2812 may also be able to provide answers to questions about abortion in your state, including up-to-date information about abortion laws.

By Appointment Only

Our staff is available to answer any questions you may have and to help you schedule an appointment.